Hi guys!
On Sunday 16th September ESN Rimini is taking you on a DAY TRIP to San Marino.
This is MUST-DO trip because San Marino is many things at the same time.

San Marino is a mountain. 
San Marino is a fortress.
San Marino is a town. 
And San Marino is a country.
No kidding! It’s an INDEPENDENT CITY STATE, which means it’s one more country you can add to your personal list :-D

From this great location you’ll have a great chance to see a marvelous historic town and enjoy an amazing view over Rimini, the whole coast, the countryside and the hills and mountains around.
Once arrived, we are going to have a short city-tour and see the “three towers”. 
You will have free time for shopping and hanging around.

>> WHEN <<
Sunday 16th September

>> WHERE <<
Meeting at 2.00 PM In front of Rimini train station (please, be on time!)
Departure: 2.30 PM from Rimini train station, by bus.
Return: 6.30 PM from San Marino, by bus.

!!!! Places available: 60
If you want to participate and reserve a seat, you have to fill this form: https://goo.gl/forms/LabJVXEfbG7nW2Bn1

  • An ESNcard of this section required.